We offer several options to meet your needs and schedule.

  • Weekly

  • Weekly cleaning services are dedicated to all those of you who want to permanently keep your house clean. Opting for weekly cleaning will allow you to refresh your home more often than before. Unlike the other cleaning services, weekly cleaning therefore helps you live in a much better environment and spend more enjoyable moments with your family.

  • Bi-Weekly

  • Considering a bi-weekly cleaning services, you will get your house cleaned once every two weeks. There is no difference between the bi weekly and weekly cleaning services as you will get the same quality services for your house. This bi weekly cleaning package is dedicated to all those houses which do not require the frequency of a weekly cleaning package.

  • Monthly

  • The monthly cleaning brings you the same efficient services, being dedicated to all those of you who need a extra help besides the daily cleaning. For instance, your curtains do not need weekly cleaning, nor do the depths of your sofa. We’ll take care of all this if you choose the monthly cleaning package.

  • One Time “On-Demand” Cleaning

  • In case you’re considering a party at your place or simply want to get rid of all the dust that covered your house, we offer you even a one-time cleaning. This means that we’ll come to your place once but clean every corner of your house. This one-time cleaning service is perfect for all those of you who at some point get too busy to handle the whole house cleaning.

  • Move In/Out Cleaning

  • Finally, we offer even move in/move out cleaning services. If you are about to change your home but want to make sure that nothing is left behind, we can offer you this moving cleaning service. We take care of everything: windows, carpets, doors, etc.
    For all these services, we use quality cleaning products able to clean any kind of surfaces.